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I Love Us

I’m a little scared A little unsure We’ve come so close So fast And we’ve loved every bit Spent times laughing, Talking, beating around the together forever. And now I feel A small part of what we are Is changing Not for good or bad Just changing Maybe I’m overthinking Maybe I’m just being the … Continue reading


I’ll start with the definition google gives for the word; “the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.” I just like the sound of that phrase, ‘extremely good’. This following piece is an extension and elaboration of my notes from a keynote I attended today, given by professor Terry Orlick. He’s a Canadian expert on … Continue reading

Between sugar and a soft place

Yesterday I came back from a trip. A trip about which I had some preconceived notions as to how it was going to turn out and what it was going to do for me. When we have preconceived notions about something we fail to acknowledge the fact that we live in the world we live … Continue reading

Dad’s scribbles 

I was on a sabbatical, with exams and stuff but now I’m back. No better way to restart the blog than this little quote I found written in a very old notebook of mine, by dad. I don’t remember him writing it and I was about to throw the notebook away when luckily I decide … Continue reading

Microcosmic Reflections

“I like the streetlamps orange The fleas that adore them And grow old loving them And drop dead by morning My life, in a jiffy plays Every night under that subtle light”

Fairy Dust

I see them strut Here, there, everywhere Nonchalantly shedding fairy dust That I want to lick Off the godforsaken floor People I would rather be Evident embodiments of universal perfection Alter egos I want to create The day dreams I have And it is so hard to turn my eyes away When they fall on … Continue reading