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Edge Of The World

We’ll build a little house at the edge of the worldBy the mountains and a quiet lake Tie a swing to a tree  And buy a small boat  Live in the wilderness together  Well sit by the lake  When wind is on its own  Sound of the water hitting the stones  Dangle our feet into … Continue reading


Where are you? And I’m so sorry I cannot sleep, I cannot breathe tonight This unforgiving distance is here with me all the while The sound of my sinking heart stays up with me all night   I count the kisses that you don’t give The promises that you don’t make The things you don’t say I … Continue reading

I Love Us

I’m a little scared A little unsure We’ve come so close So fast And we’ve loved every bit Spent times laughing, Talking, beating around the together forever. And now I feel A small part of what we are Is changing Not for good or bad Just changing Maybe I’m overthinking Maybe I’m just being the … Continue reading

How does it feel to fall for someone…?

“It was not only her looks, though they were awfully alluring, the smoothness of her pale skin and the way her hair fell over her forehead and the grave sweetness of her brown eyes, it was more that that; you had a sensation of well being when you were with her, as though you could … Continue reading



A Martian sends a postcard home

Posting after so long, have been busy with exams and stuff, but read this fascinating poem by Craig Raine in my textbook, wish all poetry was like this – funny and easy to understand. Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wingsand some are treasured for their markings – they cause the eyes to meltor the body … Continue reading


“My poet’s vanity dies in shame before thy sight.” -Rabindranath Tagore

Microcosmic Reflections

“I like the streetlamps orange The fleas that adore them And grow old loving them And drop dead by morning My life, in a jiffy plays Every night under that subtle light”


The sinking feeling of the chest, worst when the din of the day is dead. When all is silent, it screams, of the similar stories of midnights past. And I try to drown them in poetry, but a song can’t go on forever and the sinking would just come back once my fingers stop and … Continue reading

Fairy Dust

I see them strut Here, there, everywhere Nonchalantly shedding fairy dust That I want to lick Off the godforsaken floor People I would rather be Evident embodiments of universal perfection Alter egos I want to create The day dreams I have And it is so hard to turn my eyes away When they fall on … Continue reading