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I Love Us

I’m a little scared A little unsure We’ve come so close So fast And we’ve loved every bit Spent times laughing, Talking, beating around the together forever. And now I feel A small part of what we are Is changing Not for good or bad Just changing Maybe I’m overthinking Maybe I’m just being the … Continue reading

Why do writers write, cats meow etc

This is a piece i wrote a while back, found it worth sharing again. I am 23(ish) and I generally introduce myself as a student; I feel uncomfortable introducing myself as a writer for some reason. You would think that after getting a book published it would be reasonably safe to call yourself a writer, … Continue reading

Bye Bye No Shave November

Hello, no shave December.

It was a tough day….

It was a tough day today. There wasn’t anything to do and I sat at home most of the time reading. I have realised that meaning is important in life, not only the bigger, larger meaning; but also meaning in your days, your hours, they have to mean something otherwise it gets pretty dull, pretty … Continue reading