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Where are you? And I’m so sorry I cannot sleep, I cannot breathe tonight This unforgiving distance is here with me all the while The sound of my sinking heart stays up with me all night   I count the kisses that you don’t give The promises that you don’t make The things you don’t say I … Continue reading

How does it feel to fall for someone…?

“It was not only her looks, though they were awfully alluring, the smoothness of her pale skin and the way her hair fell over her forehead and the grave sweetness of her brown eyes, it was more that that; you had a sensation of well being when you were with her, as though you could … Continue reading

A Martian sends a postcard home

Posting after so long, have been busy with exams and stuff, but read this fascinating poem by Craig Raine in my textbook, wish all poetry was like this – funny and easy to understand. Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wingsand some are treasured for their markings – they cause the eyes to meltor the body … Continue reading

Some YouTube Channels

May I today suggest some YouTube channels to watch when you’ve got nothing else to do. 1. Clara’s Great Depression cooking It’s a cookery Channel, but I love the host. She is 81 or 91 I’m not sure, but she is lovely, the recipes are simple and can be made at home without any special … Continue reading

On Being Human


It seems a long time ago when I last seriously sat down and wrote something substantial. There were other things on my hands that needed tending to. It’s bitter cold these days and generally sitting in a warm quilt on a wintry day, holding a cup of tea would bring out the best in my … Continue reading

Why do writers write, cats meow etc

This is a piece i wrote a while back, found it worth sharing again. I am 23(ish) and I generally introduce myself as a student; I feel uncomfortable introducing myself as a writer for some reason. You would think that after getting a book published it would be reasonably safe to call yourself a writer, … Continue reading

Slaughterhouse 5

Revisiting Freedom

And I don’t like your friends. Let me tell you a secret, my dear. Often at your parties I’ve had an almost irresistible impulse to take off all my clothes just to see what would happen. -Maugham

The Paradox Of Silence

The silence betrays a sense of lingering unease Every boom that tears through it Is then a dash of happy Its loneliness I am scared of And silence is a harbinger The sound is annoying The silence, reassuring And yet too much of silence is somehow Just like sound The ears hurt And the eyes … Continue reading