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Edge Of The World

We’ll build a little house at the edge of the worldBy the mountains and a quiet lake

Tie a swing to a tree 

And buy a small boat 

Live in the wilderness together 

Well sit by the lake 

When wind is on its own 

Sound of the water hitting the stones 

Dangle our feet into the small sea

Look out into the forest on the other side

Get wet in the rains without a petty care

Make out the rustle of some wild palms somewhere 

Look at a bird we don’t know which diving into the water 

and then flying the heaviness away 

We’ll not look at the people who into our kingdom wander 

Lost souls of another world

As it gets cold

You’ll yearn for my warmth

Slide a hand into my arm

Rest your head on my shoulders 

Eyes full of wonder 

Of a life ahead of us yonder 



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