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Empty Blank Spaces

Those terrible blank spaces of my life
When you’re away living yours
They’re not too bad I guess 

Sometimes they’re terrible though 

I know I leave spaces in your’s too

Empty empty spaces 

But you should see the ones you leave in mine

They’re just spaces 

But as I float and ponder 

The space goes deeper yonder 

And as I bend down to tie the laces 

I stumble for I stare into an abyss 

I know I love you 

I know you love me

And I know you know that your suitor’s a particular kind of stupid 

Yet you linger 

Yet you smile 

Yet you hold my hand 

Yet you give yourself to me everyday 

I’ve never felt love before 

I don’t know if I feel it now

Only because I don’t have a thing to compare it too

It’s just a happy, comfortable feeling of the heart

That keeps me going back for more

It’s a light that shines in the dark

Revealing places not there before 

Not magnificent places of legends

Just small mundane places of the future

Where everyday lovers do everyday things, together everyday 

I see ships wading through the air 

Dropping things on the lovers 

And they stand there taking the blows with a smile 

Not a care in the world 

For they are together 

I see you sometimes 

You’re sitting 

An unusual smile you have 

It is breathtakingly beautiful no doubt

But no one ever gets to have that kind of smile 

Without some tears to hide 

Oh what terrible sorrows must’ve hid behind that brilliant guile 

While the world saw the merry 

This hiding is not always good, my love

Crying behind doors, not always helpful 

Such strong interiors you must hold, for you can let them fester inside you 

Yet defeat them

Or am I delusional? 

Am I just a broken man searching for broken 

And in the business of seeing things ? 

Do I crave someone as shattered as the extents of my soul? 

A soul that had died a while back don’t know why

It sees light my dear

It sees light now 

A faint orange glow from around the curve

But a glow nevertheless 

If I am hope to you

You’re my destiny 

I’m hopeful you’re my destiny 

And your destiny is hopefully me.



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