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Where are you?

And I’m so sorry

I cannot sleep, I cannot breathe tonight

This unforgiving distance is here with me all the while

The sound of my sinking heart stays up with me all night


I count the kisses that you don’t give

The promises that you don’t make

The things you don’t say

I thought I was bigger than this

Maybe even a powerful, almost-God.

But I’m really a petty mortal of the worst kind.


You talk mundane things that twist my soul

I shiver and shudder, for I do not know

what force you wield, what magic you hide

What wretched sorcery you unleash

Every time you slave this splendid heart


Then my love becomes about self preservation

I try to build shields of my own

But they are not impervious like yours

For your smile is the onslaught of Gods

It erases and erodes everything in its wake


Every little thing you say

and then forget.

Is a hammer that starts of slow

but gradually destroys the very heart

Of anything it touches.


My biggest fear

is that your love is, but

a reflection

and your eyes,



For I have loved you too much

I have dived too deep.





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