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It was a tough day….

It was a tough day today. There wasn’t anything to do and I sat at home most of the time reading. I have realised that meaning is important in life, not only the bigger, larger meaning; but also meaning in your days, your hours, they have to mean something otherwise it gets pretty dull, pretty fast. Life becomes a directionless drag. I always romance with the idea of solitude and it appeals to me somewhat, but personally, I find maintaining functional solitude is very difficult. I end up eating a lot and watching TV to fill the empty spaces. I live in a sleepy town so there isn’t really much to do and since there is a lot of tree cover, it tends to get dark sooner I guess. It’s a writers paradise but once I’m done writing, reading and meeting friends there is still a lot of time left.
But I guess it’s not that big a deal.



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